The ARC1 is the exclusive ranking system for JGPT and has now ranked thousands of players throughout 23 countries. In Fact, any event in any location can be part of the ARC1 / JGPT family and we welcome all junior level players around the world to be rated and ranked by the ARC1.

Running your events and submitting the scores could not be easier. In fact, all events rated  by the ARC1 are private JGPT events and not shown on the website. This is mainly due to language barriers and exchange rates in countries outside of the USA as well as private clubs throughout the world.

Every player rated and ranked must be enrolled as a member of Junior Grand Prix Tennis and the Tournament Director (TD) must be vetted and approved by the JGPT Board.

JGPT offers 4  Divisions (see chart) The Starter will offer 4 age brackets whereas the Competitor will offer 5, the Challenger 2, and the Champion Divisions will have 1. Regardless of the level, each Division will have their individual skills rating level from 1-6. Please see the chart below, and if you would like a more detailed explanation of the Divisions, please  

NOTE: Any player from any age bracket and Division may play up into any single event anytime. When a player reaches 19 years of age they will be placed into the Challenger or Champion Division.

When you register and play your first event, you will be assigned a Membership Number and a Skills Rating Number (SRN) Please remember the more matches played, the more accurate your SRN will become and your Ranking Position Number (RPN) will change.

Once a player is rated and ranked by the ARC1, they will remain in that specific division/age bracket until one of two events occur;

1) They notify JGPT of their intent to permanently move up into a higher division.

2) They age out of their existing bracket and will automatically be moved up.

If a player would like to permanently move up into a higher division, they must request a change by contacting JGPT at . For the continuity of all events, JGPT has the sole discretion to permanently move a player up or
down in any division at any time.

A player may only play at their level (division/age bracket) or above never down.

ARC1 Ranking